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May 19, 2021


Ever wondered why so many people choose to emigrate to Canada, over any other country? Canada offers you and your family a safe and stable life, in a country with the third best quality of life in the world. Have you, yourself, ever considered living in Canada? Canada has a strong and growing economy, with the 10th highest GDP in the world, at about $50,000 per person. And their unemployment rate is at 5,7% – placing Canada in the top-performing bracket when it comes to its employment rates. Canada’s banking system is the foundation of its strong and secure economy, and has been voted as the most stable economy on the planet by the World Economic Forum for seven consecutive years. It is this financial security that allows Canada to offer a good quality of life for the vast majority of its residents.

In terms of safety – the OECD Better Life Index awarded Canada an impressive 9.7 out of 10 for safety and security. Gun ownership in Canada is far lower than it is in the U.S., partly because Canadians feel safer. The air quality in Canada is among the world’s best, and the country ranks 9th out of the 33 cleanest countries in the planet for overall air quality, according to a recent Fraser Institute study. People in Canada are generally very environmentally conscious, and the country is kept clean.

Below is a list of just a few of the reasons that Canada is amongst the best in the world:

  • Canadians only work 1,702 hours per year – below the OECD average.
  • Everyone has access to sufficient healthcare.
  • Public services, such as water and electricity, are almost never interrupted.
  • There is great customer service, as customers are treated politely and efficiently – the Canadian way!
  • Education is valued, and the Canadian government spend more per capita on education than any other country in the world.
  • All public transport services run on time, and transport is clean.
  • The Canadian police have an exceptional reputation – known for being extremely helpful and excellent at their jobs.
  • Fast and cheap internet is available wherever you go.
  • Everyone is welcome – 41 of Canada’s 338 members of parliament were born overseas, and tolerance and multiculturalism are, therefore, ensured, promoted and protected.
  • It has a tolerant and open-minded society. Canada has been a pioneer of civil rights, and was the first country outside of Europe to legalize same-sex marriage.
  • It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with Toronto recently being voted as the fourth most attractive city in the world.


  • Successful Migration with full family.
  • Free education and medicals.
  • Migration possible for skilled workers as well as investors.
  • Many opportunities in the Information Technology sector for software professionals.
  • Eligibility for Canadian Citizenship within three years of arrival in Canada with permanent residence status.
  • Dual Citizenship allowed.
  • Entitlement to government welfare benefits (in case of necessity), free medical facilities, free education, old age insurance, unemployment insurance etc.
  • Minimal government regulations in starting your own business.
  • Access to the United States and Mexico markets based on the NAFTA Agreement
  • The best country to live in the world – and the United Nations keeps reaffirming it!