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Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Quebec Skilled Worker Program

The Canadian Quebec Skilled Worker Program is designed to attract skilled immigrants who wish to work and live in the province of Quebec and who are likely to become economically established upon immigration to Quebec.

Quebec Skilled Worker Immigration program is not restricted to a list of occupations, and a job offer from a Canadian employer is not needed for eligibility.

Applicants who are successful under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program are issued a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) and can then apply to the Government of Canada for permanent residence. In order to qualify for a CSQ, you must score enough points under the Quebec Immigration selection factors described below. A single (unmarried) applicant must score at least 50 points based on this system, while an applicant with a spouse or common-law partner must score at least 59 points.

The Quebec Immigration selection factors may be outlined as follows:

Education Up to 14 points (Cut-off Score = 2 points)
Area of Training Up to 12 points
Validated Employment Offer Up to 14 points
Work Experience Up to 8 points
Age Up to 16 points
Language Proficiency Up to 22 points
Stay and Family in Quebec Up to 8 points
Spouse/Common-law partner Characteristics Up to 17 points
Presence of Accompanying Children Up to 8 points
Financial Self-Sufficiency 1 point

Quebec Skilled Workers are not evaluated based upon the selection factors of the Federal Skilled Worker Program. Quebec has sole responsibility for the selection of immigrants destined to Quebec.