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With extensive experience in Canadian Immigration matters, weare able to provide you with professional immigration related legal help related to the following matters:

  • Immigration Appeals
  • Immigration Refusals and Delays
  • Humanitarian Cases
  • Medical, Criminal, or Other Inadmissibility
  • Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) application
  • Citizenship Applications, Refusals, or Revocations
  • Passport Applications, Refusals, or Revocations
  • Corporate Immigration Compliance
  • Detention, Deportations and Removal Orders
  • Authorization to Return to Canada
  • Legal Immigration Opinions and Consultations

We encourage you to contact us directly should you require legal immigration services in any of the above areas.

You Still Have The Options

Immigration Appeals

When a Canadian Visa Officer has made an improper or unwarranted decision, just like the refusal of application or another unsupported determination, the matter could even be submitted to the Immigration Appeal Division. we’ll assess your case to work out if an appeal is acceptable . If appropriate, we provide representation for the whole Immigration appeals process.

Immigration Refusals and Delays

Certain situations are appropriate for intervention from the court or submission to the Immigration Appeal Division. Typically, improper refusals or delays in immigration application processing could also be appropriate for one of those options.

Immigration applications can be refused by IRCC for a wide range of reasons, from the failure of the applicant to achieve the required number of points to credibility concerns. In some cases, a Visa Office will have delayed far beyond the standard processing time. In those cases, it may be necessary to seek intervention to mandate that the Visa Office process the application in a timely fashion.

Humanitarian Cases

Humanitarian and compassionate case requires that the applicant would experience unusual and undeserved or disproportionate hardship if he or she isn’t granted an exemption to at least one or more of the Canadian immigration requirements. Such cases can increase the likelihood of an immigration application being approved.

Medical, Criminal, or Other Inadmissibility

Foreign nationals can be inadmissible to Canada due to a variety of reasons such as Medical reasons, Criminal grounds, Misrepresentation, Medical reasons, Financial grounds or Failure to comply with any laid down Canadian immigration and associated laws.

If you are experiencing problems or have questions on medical, criminal, or the other inadmissibility to Canada, Contact Manuleaf Immigration immediately in order that we will advise you accordingly.

Temporary Resident Permit (TRP)

If an individual is inadmissible to Canada, due to criminal, security or medical reasons, but have a good reason to travel to Canada that is justified within the circumstances, they may be eligible for a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP).

Citizenship Applications, Refusals, or Revocations

If you are interested in the requirements for Canadian Citizenship, Book a consultation to seek out out your Canadian citizenship eligibility. we provide a full range of application services for Canadian Citizenship. If you have got any issue together with your application, we will help.

Passport Applications, Refusals or Revocations

We know that exciting moment comes before you think that. Manuleaf Immigration helps you get your Citizenship application correct the primary time, then comes the passport application. We also affect application refusals and revocations once they are denied to withdrawn.

Corporate Immigration Compliance

Employers that choose to hire foreign nationals are subject to heightened scrutiny from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. We can provide you professional legal advice on all of the requirements of Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program to ensure that you are in full compliance.

Deportations, Exclusions, and Removal Orders

Misrepresentations, customs violations, immigration violations, or credibility concerns may result in your detention upon your entry to Canada. In extraordinary cases, individuals are often deported from Canada, be ordered to go away, and even be excluded from entry to Canada for a period of your time. we will provide you with a full range of legal immigration services associated with detention, deportation, exclusions, and removal orders.

Authorization to Return to Canada

Do you wish to return to Canada after receiving a removal order? You can enter Canada, but you would require an Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC). The need for the ARC is dependent upon the kind of removal order you received. This process is complicated and requires a keenly focused application that motivates your return.

Legal Immigration Opinion and Consultation

If you are seeking a legal written opinion or wish to have a consultation with us about any Canadian immigration question or concern, please contact Manuleaf Immigration and let us know more about your needs.