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Clarity and peace of mind are the most important aspects that make the visa and immigration process stress-free.

Having helped thousands of families, individuals and entrepreneurs realize their Canadian immigration dreams,
we know what it takes to make that happen.

We work hard to simplify the immigration laws and processes for you, so all you have to do is sit back and
relax after entrusting the process to us. We have gained expertise in all the different pathways and visa
categories and will ensure that you meet the requirements required for your visa category.

Our streamlined and effective process involves:

1. Initial Assessment: Start Your Journey

This is a free, no-obligations, initial evaluation, to assess your eligibility for a Canadian visa. If it turns out that you are eligible to apply, a more detailed analysis is required. We will then forward a detailed questionnaire to you, which you may fill in at your own pace.
The subsequent analysis consists of the evaluation of all your personal details including information relating to the recognition of your qualification(s) in Canada, a personalised migration concept and a breakdown of all costs and expenses for our services as well as the fees payable to the relevant authorities.

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2. Consultation: Ask Us Anything

We are experts at solving immigration puzzles. Once free initial assessment of your profile is done, we schedule a one-on-one meeting between a licensed immigration adviser and you In-person, over Skype or a call. In this consultation session, our experts provide focused attention to your personal or professional goals, your profile and unique requirements. We then offer you clarity and insight on Canadian Immigration law and how your situation aligns with it. Our immigration experts then explain the steps you need to take to realize your Canadian immigration dream. These services are billed at a cost-effective hourly rate.

A great way of ensuring you are on the right track even before you prepare your application is to schedule an initial consultation with our experts. Our qualified team is fully geared up to help you identify the correct pathway and visa type that is aligned towards your personal and professional goals. This will also ensure you can address any gaps or potential concerns before going ahead with your application.

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3. FILE MANAGEMENT: Total Peace Of Mind

Our file management service is designed to provide the ultimate low-stress immigration experience for our clients. Based on a detailed free assessment of your unique circumstances, we determine and design the necessary action to make it happen. Let us handle the complex steps while you provide us with the information and documentation required to process your application. We are committed to transparency at every step, and ensure you are aware of the cost of our file management services package upfront.

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4. File review: Do It Yourself

For those who are confident of their ability to handle the entire application process, but want to ensure there are no mistakes, we have designed the file review services.Given that visa authorities do not process applications that have minor errors, it is absolutely important to get it right the first time. Our highly experienced immigration expert performs an in-depth assessment of your profile to give you the confidence to submit your application.

We review your file with a fine-tooth comb, scrutinizing it for any errors and omissions, which may cause delays or potentially get an interview reference that further prolongs the processing time. Our written feedback post the detailed review enables you to make the required adjustments before you submit your application.

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