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Aria Assadian

My experience with this company has been phenomenal. The quality of professional skills and attributes displayed is captivating. I was advised to obtain a study visa which actually worked for me and now I am currently studying at University of Manitoba

Eric Wilcox

“If I have the opportunity to speak in a public place to people seeking visas of any kind, the topic of the discussion would be Manuleaf Immigration. This is my first attempt to get a visa, and Manuleaf Immigration made it the last because I didn’t have to try the second time.”

Nidhi &Sarvendra

We would like to thank you one more time and say that we will always be grateful to you. It is pretty clear to us the care (and what a great care) you took of our process, being always present and promptly answering all the questions we have very patiently. We feel blessed for having chosen you as our migrant agency, and you can be sure that every single person who knows about our story in Canada have heard your name a few times. I’m pretty sure that they will call you asking for your services as well. I wish you all the best and would like to thank you one more time for everything you’ve done for us.

Tushar Sharma

A big thank you to the staff at Manuleaf Immigrationfor getting us through the immigration process and helping my wife to come and be with me in Canada. We both appreciate all your efforts along the way in making this dream come true. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Sid & Min

Our family was blessed having chosen the services of Manuleaf Immigration. On our first meeting alone, we were most impressed with their professionalism and utmost sincerity in providing an overall picture of what to expect in Canadian life. They guided us very well as new immigrants and gave valuable advice in securing work towards residency. Manuleaf Immigration team!

Gopal Krishan

Studying in the Canada has been my dream since childhood. I wanted the Canada university experience, but I don’t even know how to go about the student visa process. I consulted Manuleaf Immigration for help. This is my second year here in the Ontario as a university student. Manuleaf Immigration did the magic I can’t explain with a considerable amount of money.

Sara Mason

Being away from your husband can be overwhelmingly doleful but with the assistance from Manuleaf Immigration, I was able to join my husband (Brian) just a year after my VISA application. It was not an easy course but with the partnership Manuleaf Immigration offered, we were able prepare all required documents that helped speed up the process. Open communication is always effective and I appreciate TJ’s sense of urgency in coming back to us for all of our concerns. He has been very accommodating and optimistic – 2 important qualities crucial in any VISA-processing firm. It’s not even his job to do but because of her passion towards his role, He is able to extend the empathy – making an applicant like me feeling valued. Almost 3 months here in Canada, I’m very happy to be with my husband again. All these possible because of God’s grace, support from family and friends, and proper guidance from Manuleaf Immigration. Thank you, team!

Ian & Jessica

Finally! Our visa was approved! Thank you so much for all your efforts. For the time and patience, you spent in dealing with the whole process. We are very much grateful for everything you’ve done for us. Thank You Manuleaf Immigration Team. We are very fortunate for this opportunity.

Anne Gratton

We contacted Jyoti at Manuleaf Immigration when our visa application was stalled and we were at our wits end. Jyoti responded immediately and we were very impressed with her knowledge and understanding of our situation. She balanced empathy with solid pragmatism and took away the ‘emotion’ that we had built into the application. Jyoti provided a clear road map for us to follow and sensible advice on the steps that we had to take. I would have no hesitation in recommending Manuleaf Immigration to anyone who found themselves in our situation and suggest that anyone who is considering a new life in Canada.

Babita Chaudhary

Getting a Canadian Permanent Residency as an Indian was only a dream that would never become a reality until a successful friend who got his visa from a single trial told me about Manuleaf Immigration. I never believed my dreams of living in BC could be a reality so fast.

Polly Miller

Moving to the other side of the world was always going to be stressful – or so we thought! We really appreciate all your time and all your hard work and effort what Manuleaf Immigration have done on our case. There is nothing I can say or do to show you how grateful we are for all your help, all your encouragement. I can certainly recommend your services to anyone who are planning to immigrate to Canada to make use of your services.

Silvia and Jeff

Purely professional service. Mr. Goyal and team sorted my family’s visa. Which was looked like a not an easily happening situation for me and my family. Luckily, I was referred to him by one of his old clients. All my phone calls and mails were answered, and I was well supported throughout the application. He will make you so comfortable and will tell you every detail regarding to visa. I would strongly recommend Canadian Immigration to anyone.

Dona Mathew

We really appreciate all your time and all your hard work and effort what you’ve done on our case. There is nothing I can say or do to show you how grateful we are for all your help, all your encouragement. I can certainly recommend your services to anyone who are planning to immigrate to Canada to make use of your services.

Ajay Lather

Commendable service…All I can say is, Manuleaf Immigration is the one licensed immigration firm which could be completely relied upon for Canada Visa. My wife took admission in Pilot training course in Vancouver and Manuleaf Immigration helped us in getting her student visa. We received step-wise professional but friendly guidance and she got her student visa in record time and that too without a single query. Apart from her student visa, I also approached them for my visitor visa and that too got approved without any query and in record time. I would personally like to thank the firm for all their guidance and help.