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Owner Operator Program

Under Owner/Operator Program, you have good chances of immigrating to Canada

The Owner/Operator LMIA option enables applicants – who do not meet the specific investment and personal net-worth requirements of the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) – to acquire or establish a new business in Canada with no minimum investment, personal net-worth requirements or age restrictions. The Small investment Immigration Program further provides applicants with a path toward Permanent Residency in Canada.

The Owner Operator LMIA is one of the most useful tools for Business People to immigrate who can meet the Express Entry requirements as it helps in improving Comprehensive Score Rating CRS.

How it works

This a two-step application. First, the foreign businessman must apply to the Employment and Skill Development Canada (ESDC) office to obtain a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). Second, once the businessmen receive a positive LMIA, he or she can obtain a work visa usually up to 2 years, under which the applicant must be involved in the day-to-day operations of the business.

Few Things to Consider

  • Start-up issues: It may be difficult for a start-up business to qualify, as it would not be “actively engaged in the business”. It is possible to get Owner Operator LMIA for a start-up, but the clients should make some investments in leasehold improvements and equipment and show some operations before the application assessment is made.
  • Business Purchases: It would thus be easier to purchase a business rather than start up a new Enterprise, as you could show that the business was “actively engaged” in the business.
  • Role of the Owner Operator prior to LMIA approval: An interesting issue arises with respect to the Owner Operator’s role. While one may be able to show that the employer company which the Owner Operator wishes to purchase is “actively engaged in the business”, is it necessary to show that the proposed Owner Operator is already involved in the business?
  • Owner Operator’s future role: Applicants would need to show that they are needed in the business. Applicant’ sexpertise & experience is the key to run the business.
  • Ability to afford Owner Operator: Ensure that the company has sufficient financial resources to be able to hire (and pay) the Owner Operator, especially if there is a salary committed to the role.
  • Compliance with Employment laws: Ensure that the business being purchased has been compliant insofar as recruiting and employment laws.

Family Members

Family members can join the main applicant. The spouse may get a work permit and children may get a study permit. Children may attend a public school for free. The applicant and the family members can get access to free health care during the validity of their visas.

Pathway to Permanent Residency

After you get the work permit, in most cases you will be able to apply for Canadian permanent residence through the Express Entry system. You will get additional points for a job offer that your own company makes to you, the applicant. With an LMIA-based Owner/Operator work permit, you have good chances of immigrating to Canada under the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

How We Can Help

  1. We start by getting to know you and your business idea. We provide you with a free initial consultation.
  2. We consider options for you to start up or acquire a business in the region of Canada you choose.
  3. We do our research and make sure that your needs on a personal, social family and economic basis are taken care of in our planning with you.
  4. Your business will be prepared from start to end. We have relationships with bankers, accountants, lawyers and other professionals that may even assist you in applying for Canadian bank loans and other forms of business financing.
  5. After coming to Canada, you and your family will be eligible for have health and your children can attend school.
  6. You may find yourself to be fortunate compared with other newcomers to Canada because you are coming prepared for resettlement in Canada with a business and the tools you and your family need to be successful