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Business Immigration

Business Immigration allow applicants to pursue permanent residence in Canada.

Business immigration to Canada requires that the applicants must have the ability and intention to positively contribute to the Canadian economy by establishing and maintaining a suitable Canadian business, using substantial business knowledge. Business immigrants are those who can invest in Canada, start businesses in Canada and generate revenues and employment for Canadians.

Individuals with business/managerial experience and relatively high net-worth who wish to live in Canada permanently and operate their business, must apply for business immigration.

Business Immigration Main Categories

Investors may apply for a Canadian permanent residence under the Canada Business Immigration Program in one of the following five sub-categories;

1. Self-Employed Program

Self-Employed Program is designed to attract those applicants who intend to make a significant contribution and have the potential to be gainfully self-employed in Canada are eligible for a business immigration visa…

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2. Start-Up Visa program

Start-Up Visa program is aimed to attract entrepreneurs around the world, get them in to Canada, and give them the support they need (including funding) to build businesses that can compete globally and provide jobs for Canadians….

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3. Owner/Operator LMIA

This specific category is targeting foreign businessmen who wish to either establish or purchase a business in Canada and manage it from Canada. The role of the simplified procedure is to attract businesspeople to the country and make the transition process smooth….

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4. Quebec Immigrant Investor Programmed

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program is designed to allow investors who meet specific criteria to enter Quebec and obtain permanent residency, while contributing to the economic development of the province. Completing an application is a lengthy process….

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5. Provincial Entrepreneur Programs

Under PNP Entrepreneurial Program, applicants and their immediate family can obtain Permanent Resident Visas under the Federal Program. Canada will help your business reach new heights as you work together to boost the economy and create jobs for Canadians….

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Pathway to Permanent Residency for successful businessman:

Helping you to find a business
We introduce you to commercial brokers to help you find a suitable business to purchase, in Canada.

Providing legal guidance
We give guidance on the legal, commercial formalities for your selected business in Canada.

Obtaining a work permit
We prepare and submit your application for a work permit on behalf of your business in Canada.

Getting ready for a permanent residence program
While you work in Canada, we will guide you on every possible way to obtain permanent residence in Canada.

Applying for permanent residence
Once you are ready, we will help you apply for the permanent residence.

From permanent residence to Canadian citizenship
When you lived enough days in Canada as a permanent resident, we will help you & your family become Canadian citizens.

How We Can Help

At Manuleaf Immigration, we are dedicated to providing you with a successful outcome when you are looking to migrate into Canada as a Business Investor. With our years of experience, we can represent your application to Immigration Canada

Our firm works with businesses and individuals around the world, across all industries, and of all business types, ranging from large, multinational companies to independent entrepreneurs. Our team of consultants and business intelligence experts offer a one-stop solution for start-ups, entrepreneurs and immigrant investors seeking to establish their businesses in Canada.