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February 17, 2024

British Columbia, Alberta and PEI issue provincial nominations this week

British Columbia, Alberta and Prince Edward Island issued invitations to apply (ITAs) for candidates in several in-demand occupations, through their respective Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs).

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP) and the Alberta PNP—formally the Alberta Advantage Immigrant Program (AAIP) are two of the biggest PNPs in Canada. These programs offer immigration streams for experienced entrepreneurs, workers with in-demand skills, international graduates and other newcomers based both in and out of their provinces.

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Provincial immigration results February 10th—16th

Note: Provinces and territories implement different scoring systems for their PNPs independent of each other. This results in different scoring grades and criteria, which should not be compared.

British Columbia

This week the BCPNP issued invitations through its Skilled Worker, International Graduate (includes Express Entry British Columbia (EEBC) option)) stream. This stream targets international students who have in-demand skills for British Columbia’s labour market.

The province issued at least 200 ITAs for skilled workers and international graduates across five different in-demand employment sectors. These were:

Childcare—requiring a minimum score of 60 to be invited;
Construction—requiring a minimum score of 75 to be invited;
Healthcare—requiring a minimum score of 60;
Tech—requiring a minimum score of 108; and
Veterinary care—requiring a minimum score of 60.

A full list of in-demand professions in British Columbia can be found here.


On February 6th Alberta issued 44 Notifications of Interest—the equivalent of ITAs under the AAIP—to candidates with professional healthcare experience, through the “Dedicated Healthcare Pathway with Alberta job offer”.

To be invited, candidates had to have healthcare experience within the province and received a job offer from an employer in Alberta. The minimum cut-off score to receive an ITA was 302.

Prince Edward Island

PEI issued 121 Expressions of Interest to candidates Labour and Express Entry candidates in the PEI PNP.

Candidates were considered if they were s working for a PEI Employer and had a minimum EOI score of 65. Over the past 12 months, the province has invited 2,307 candidates with 2,253 Expressions of Interest going to Labour and Express Entry candidates and 54 going to Business Work Permit Entrepreneur.

How can I increase my chances at receiving an invitation under a PNP?

While many PNPs have reserved pathways for those who have some connection to the province (i.e.: having graduated from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI), received a job offer letter, or having personal family ties to someone, in the province or territory of that PNP)—all PNPs have streams for in-demand professions that meet their location’s labour market needs.

Thus, newcomers looking to immigrate to Canada may find some specific benefit to tailoring their professional experience to a province or territory that requires it. In fact, this is a key reason for the existence of PNPs across Canada. Provinces even post in-demand professions to attract newcomers who can fill these crucial labour gaps.

By 2025, PNPs will overtake Express Entry as Canada’s main pathway to welcome new immigrants, signalling their continued importance to the country’s overall economic strategy.

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